Calling All Engines!

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Calling All Engines!
Calling All Engines Region 2 cover.jpg
Region 2 DVD cover
Directed bySteve Asquith
Produced bySimon Spencer
Written byPaul Larson
Narrated byMichael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (U.S.)
CinematographyTerry Permane
Distributed byHIT Entertainment (U.S.)
2 Entertain (UK)
Release date
September 6, 2005 (U.S.)
December 23, 2004 (UK)
And on DVD and VHS October 2005 UK
Running time
60 minutes

Calling All Engines! is a 2005 direct-to-video special and a spin off of the TV series, Thomas & Friends. The film was produced by HIT Entertainment and released in the United States on September 6, 2005 and the United Kingdom on December 23, 2004.


In 2005, one summer day, the Fat Controller announces that a new airport is to be built on Sodor, for more holiday makers than ever, but 'Arry and Bert biff their trucks into Thomas and Percy, also there. At the timberyard, they boast that they got a very important job because Diesels are better than steam engines, and Thomas biffs them so hard, their timber falls onto the tracks. When Diesel confronts them, giving a similar boast, Thomas gives him bananas to pull, but the Tidmouth Sheds did not get rebuilt (after destruction) on time. As a result, all the engines are forced to sleep on different parts on the Island. That night, a huge storm sweeps across the island and the Sodor Suspension Bridge collapses. The next morning, the Fat Controller makes the engines clear up the storm damage before the work can continue.

At the suspension bridge, a beam needs to be placed and an exhausted Thomas is nearly unable to carry it, but using all his strength, he manages to lower the beams into place. Later, Diesel biffs Thomas's flatbed so paint splashes all over Thomas. The matter escalates until all the engines are fighting. By the end of the day, The Fat Controller furiously threatens to have the railway be closed permanently. Most of the engines dream of humiliating fates for them if that happens, but Thomas sees Lady telling him about the need for teamwork and as soon as he wakes up, he finds Mavis, who makes him set a meeting for tomorrow. That day, the engines are made to finally put their differences aside and begin working with each other on the airport.

Very soon, the airport is complete and the first aeroplane is sent to Sodor, but Thomas accidentally causes the water tower to fall onto the runway, cracking it in the process. With even Harvey coming too late to fix it himself, Thomas gathers his courage and asks Diesel 10 to help them and he eventually follows Thomas to the airport. With the aid of even 'Arry and Bert, Thomas collects George to fix the runway and the aeroplane lands at last. That evening, the engines are happy to see Tidmouth Sheds rebuilt, especially Emily when she finds that an extra berth has been built for her.


All the members of "The Steam Team" (the main cast of characters as portrayed since Season 8) make appearances in the film. Diesels with major roles include Diesel, Mavis, 'Arry, and Bert. Various supporting characters make appearances in the feature's music videos. Daisy makes her first appearance in the series since Season 4, and Derek appears for the first time outside of "Double Teething Troubles" from Season 5. 2 engines introduced in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Lady and Diesel 10 play minor roles in the film. BoCo, Splatter and Dodge were also supposed to reappear (and return), but BoCo was cut for unknown reasons and Splodge's roles were replaced by 'Arry and Bert.

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