Calling Out the Chords, Vol. 1

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Calling Out the Chords, Vol. 1
Calling out the chords vol 1 album cover.jpg
Live album by Rheostatics
Released 2005
Recorded 2004
Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
Genre Indie rock
Label Zunior
Rheostatics chronology
The Whale Music Concert, 1992
(2005)The Whale Music Concert, 19922005
Calling Out the Chords, Vol. 1
Green Sprouts Music Week 1993
(2012)Green Sprouts Music Week 19932012

Calling Out the Chords, Vol. 1 is a live album by Rheostatics, released on Zunior Records in 2005. It is a collection of live material recorded by soundman Steve Clarkson in 2004 at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario during the Rheos' Fall National concert series.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "California Dreamline/Horses"
  2. "Four Little Songs"
  3. "Easy to be with You"
  4. "Mumbletypeg" (with Fall National Horns)
  5. "In This Town"
  6. "Christopher"
  7. "We're All Living In a Chemical World" (with Ford Pier)
  8. "I Am Drumstein" (with Kevin Hearn)
  9. "Who is that Man and Why is He Laughing?"
  10. "Kevin's Waltz" (with Kevin Hearn)
  11. "Weiners and Beans" (with Kevin Hearn)
  12. "Legal Age Life at Variety Store"