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Calling card may refer to:

  • Visiting card, a card used socially to signify a visit made to a house if the occupant is absent, or as an introduction for oneself; the precursor to the modern business card
  • Business card, a small card with business information that is given for convenience and as a memory aid
  • Tart card, an ad stuck to a phone box to advertise the services of a call girl
  • Calling card (crime), a signature token or characteristic of a crime used by a serial criminal
  • Telephone card, a small card, usually resembling a credit card, used to pay for telephone services
  • Calling Card, a 1976 album by Irish blues-rock musician Rory Gallagher
  • Persona 5 Calling Card, A small card coloured red and black with the caption "Take Your Heart" is part of the Persona 5 game that is sent to the targets before the Phantom Thieves steal the targets treasure