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Callio Pyhäsalmi
Old tower and surrounding buildings of Pyhäsalmi mine
Old tower and surrounding buildings of Pyhäsalmi mine
Callio Pyhäsalmi is located in Finland
Callio Pyhäsalmi
Callio Pyhäsalmi
Coordinates: 63°39′36″N 26°02′28″E / 63.659902°N 26.041062°E / 63.659902; 26.041062Coordinates: 63°39′36″N 26°02′28″E / 63.659902°N 26.041062°E / 63.659902; 26.041062

Callio is a project to oversee the reuse of the Pyhäsalmi Mine, located in the town of Pyhäjärvi in Finland. The mine is closing in 2019,[1] at which time Callio is supposed to take over for the mine facilities and all the associated infrastructure. Callio will be an operating environment for businesses and an underground research facility.

Callio is a joint project by the town of Pyhäjärvi and the University of Oulu. In 2017 the facility joined the "Baltic Sea Underground Facilities and Innovation Network" (BSUIN).[2][3][4]

The word ”callio” is an anglicised version of the Finnish word ”kallio” [kael-lee-oh], meaning crystalline bedrock.[5][6][7]

Operations and facilities[edit]

Callio is an umbrella organization for a variety of non-mining activities in and around the mine. Of these, CallioLab[8] oversees scientific research and development. Proposed new activities include a secure underground data center, pumped hydroelectrical energy storage, plant and fungus growing laboratories, breeding sites for insects and fish, and several other types of underground businesses.[9][10]

As of 2018,[3][8] there are four environmentally controlled laboratories in Callio. Listed top-to-bottom, they are:

  • Lab 1 at 75 m level (245 ft depth), occupied by the EMMA experiment;
  • Lab 4 at 660 m (2165 ft);
  • Lab 3 at 990 m (3250 ft);
  • Lab 2 at 1430 m (4690 ft), 120 m2, height ≈9 m, partly occupied by C14 experiment.
  • Numerous additional service, storage and maintenance halls exist along the access tunnel.

The ambient temperature within the mine depends on the depth but is otherwise constant. At the Lab 4 (660 m) level it is 15 °C (59 °F) and at Lab 2 (1430 m) level 28 °C (82 °F).[11]

Measurement station of EMMA, one of the longest-standing experiments in the Pyhäsalmi Mine.

Currently (2018) the mine harbors two scientific experiments: C14 liquid scintillator[12][13] and EMMA,[13][14][15] operated by CUPP, University of Oulu and University of Jyväskylä.

Past projects[edit]

The laboratory has hosted cosmic-ray experiments MUG (studying the depth dependency and time-dependence of the radiation) in 2001-2003 and MUD (studying the depth-dependency of the muon flux from cosmic radiation) in 2003-2005.

In 2017, plant growing experiments were conducted in Lab 4 by LUKE (the Natural Resources Institute Finland).[9][16][17][11]

The site was previously the prime candidate for the LAGUNA project, which fell through due to funding issues.[18][19][20][21][22] LAGUNA is a proposed very large volume underground neutrino observatory, designed to study e.g., the excess of matter over antimatter in the universe. Pyhäsalmi mine would have been at the optimal distance from the CERN particle accelerators, which would have provided the neutrino beams for the experiment.[13][19]

Recently the mine has opened up for a variety of cultural activities. It has hosted the deepest concert in the world (by Agonizer at 1271 m ) as well as dance performances.[23][24][25] The 11 km long spiral-shaped main tunnel has also seen several uphill running and cycling competitions.[26][27][28]


The "main level" of the mine is at 1400 meters depth, and is equipped with service and social facilities, e.g., a restaurant and the deepest sauna in the world.[15][29] Accessing the main level from the surface takes just 3 minutes using the elevator (average speed 8 m/s, maximum 12 m/s (39 ft/s, 43 km/h, or 27 mp/h)).[8] The same descent takes about 30 minutes by car or lorry, along the 11 km long decline access tunnel.[10]

The Pyhäsalmi Mine[edit]

The overall depth of the Pyhäsalmi mine is 1450 m (4760 ft), making it the deepest base metal mine in Europe.[1][30] Its main metals are copper and zinc.

The mine was opened in 1962 by Outokumpu, sold to Inmet mining in 2002, and obtained by First Quantum Minerals in 2013.[31][32] Mining activities are projected to end in 2019, but above-ground refinery will continue until 2025.[1][9][33]

The mine safety has improved significantly over the last decades, and the underground mine has become a test bed for new (often award-winning[34][35]) access control, monitoring and automation technology.[36][37][38] Underground accidents in Pyhäsalmi are very rare, and the last fatality occurred in 1995.[39] Several easily contained on-ground refinery fires have however occurred at the site during the 2000's.[40][41][42][43] In 2012, explosives contaminated with pyrite ore were sent from the Pyhäsalmi mine for destruction at the Forcit ammunition factory in Vihtavuori, where (after a year in storage) the container started to heat up and smoke.[44][45] The reason for this potentially dangerous situation was revealed to be careless handling and packaging at the mine. This prompted significant changes in the safety protocols, and since 2013 all hazardous waste is destroyed on-site in Pyhäsalmi.[46]

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