Calliostoma annulatum

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Jeweled topsnail
Calliostoma annulatum 1.jpg
Calliostoma annulatum crawling on a kelp leaf
Calliostoma annulatum 2.jpg
Scientific classification
C. annulatum
Binomial name
Calliostoma annulatum
(Lightfoot, 1786)
  • Trochus annulatus Martyn, 1784
  • Trochus moniliferus Phil.
  • Trochus virgineus Chemnitz
  • Zizyphinus annulatus Martyn, Reeve,

Calliostoma annulatum, also known as the purple-ring topsnail, blue-ring topsnail or jeweled topsnail, is a medium-sized sea snail with gills and an operculum.[1]

This is a sublittoral marine gastropod mollusk in the family Calliostomatidae. This snail lives off of the Pacific coast of North America.

Range of distribution[edit]

This top shell can be found in the littoral zone from Isla San Geronimo, Baja California, north to Forrester Island, Alaska.

Shell description[edit]

The shell height varies between 16 mm and 35 mm. The elevated-conic shell is imperforate and rather thin. This species is distinguished by its brilliantly colored shell, which is lustrous with a gold field, dotted with brown on the spiral rows of grains, the periphery or lower edge of each whorl encircled by a zone of violet or magenta stripes, the axis surrounded by a tract of the same. The brilliance of the colors fades somewhat once the animal dies. The thin shell shows numerous granulose spiral riblets, about 7 on the penultimate whorl, 9 or 10 on the base. It has few or none interstitial lirulae. The acute, reddish apex is minute. The sutures are slightly impressed. There are about 9 whorls, slightly convex, the last angular at periphery, flattened beneath. The rhomboidal aperture is oblique, fluted within. There is no umbilicus.[2] The head and foot of the animal has a yellow-orange color with brown spots. The color of the shell is gold with purple stripes.

Life habits[edit]

This species is fairly omnivorous, feeding seasonally on kelp, sessile fauna like bryozoans, and detritus.

Two individuals of Calliostoma annulatum are visible on this hydrocoral


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