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Tetracion jonesi 1.jpg
Tetracion jonesi (Abacionidae), a species from the southern United States
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Myriapoda
Class: Diplopoda
Subclass: Chilognatha
Infraclass: Helminthomorpha
Superorder: Nematophora
Order: Callipodida
Pocock, 1894



Lysiopetalida Chamberlin, 1943

Callipodida (from Greek kallos "beauty" and podus "leg") is an order of millipedes containing around 130 species, many characterized by crests or ridges.


Callipodida are long and narrow millipedes, up to 100 millimetres (3.9 in) in length with 40-60 body segments. A dorsal groove is present running down the mid-line of the body, and many species are ornamented with longitudinal crests or ridges.[1][2] Sexually mature males possess a single pair of gonopods, consisting of the modified anterior leg pair of the 7th body segment, and carried concealed within a pouch.[2][3]


Callipodida occurs in North America, Europe, west Asia, southern China and Southeast Asia.[4]


The order Callipodida contains three suborders, seven families, and approximately 130 species.[5] The genus Sinocallipus, which constitutes the suborder Sinocallipodidea, is thought to be the most primitive, and a sister group to all other callipodans.[6]

Suborder Callipodidea
Suborder Schizopetalidea
Suborder Sinocallipodidea


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