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Callisburg Independent School District is a school district in Callisburg, Texas (USA).

The district serves the majority of eastern Cooke County, including the city of Callisburg and the gated community of Lake Kiowa.

In 2009, the school district was rated Recognized by the Texas Education Agency.[1]


Callisburg ISD consists of two campuses, Callisburg High School Middle School campus located in Callisburg and Callisburg Elementary campus located in Woodbine, Texas. The elementary consists of two buildings, the Woodbine building and the Rad Ware building.


The School mascot is the Wildcats and colors are Maroon and White. The High School Building was built Circa 1990. Later, the "new gym" was built Circa 1991, while the Woodbine intermediate building was apparently constructed in the year 2000. Molds of unspecified species were asserted to be found in a wing of the Rad Ware building in 2001. That section of the Rad Ware building was demolished in 2003 and rebuilt to match the Intermediate building in 2004. Before 1989, the Rad Ware and Middle school buildings were the only ones, fitting all 13 grades (kindergarten and 1st through 12th) into only 2 buildings.

In fall of 2008 and 2009 Callisburg had record breaking football seasons. The 2008 team made it to the third round of the state playoffs, the farthest they have ever made it in the playoffs. The next year the record was broken when the 2009 team made it to the state semifinals and lost.

In 2013 Brandon Baker and Ryan Hart became the first Callisburg Tennis doubles team to make it to State, where they lost in their first round. Brandon Baker and Daniel Baker became the second doubles team to go to State for Callisburg in 2014, with Brandon Baker becoming the first person in Callisburg tennis history to go to state more than once. The "Baker Boys" got 3rd place. That same year, the Callisburg Academic UIL team sent 18 individuals to state, with the Computer Science, Calculator, Social Studies and Current Events teams all competing at state. The Social Studies Team got 1st place as a team, with Brandon Baker getting first as an individual for the whole state. The Calculator team placed 2nd in the state, and the Current Events team placed 3rd. This was the most successful turnout for Callisburg at State since 1995.


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