Callixenus of Rhodes

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Callixenus of Rhodes was a Hellenistic author from Rhodes. He was a contemporary of Ptolemy II Philadelphus, Ptolemy III Euergetes and Ptolemy IV Philopator. He wrote two works, both of which are lost.

"Peri Alexandreias"[edit]

This consisted of at least four books, and was much used by Athenaeus (Athen. v. p. 196, &c., ix. p. 387, xi. pp. 472, 474, 483; Harpocrat. s. v. eggythike). It contained the main account of the tessarakonteres.

Title unknown[edit]

This seems to have been a catalogue of painters and sculptors (zografonte kai andriantopoion anagrafe), of which Sopater, in the twelfth book of his Eclogae had made an abridgement. (Phot. Bibl. Cod. 161 ; comp. Preller, Polem. Fragm. p. 178, &c.)