Calm Before the Storm (Venom album)

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Calm Before the Storm
Studio album by Venom
Released November 7, 1987
Recorded 1987
Studio The New Marquee Studios, London, UK
Genre Thrash metal
Length 36:20
Label Filmtrax
Producer Nick Tauber and Venom
Venom chronology
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Calm Before the Storm
Prime Evil
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic2/5 stars[1]
Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal7/10[2]

Calm Before the Storm is the fifth album by Venom. The original title of the album would have been Deadline, but the title was changed when guitarist Jeffrey "Mantas" Dunn left the band and was replaced by Jimi Clare and Mike Hickey. Both were to follow bassist Conrad "Cronos" Lant in his later solo career and the latter would also return on the 2006 album Metal Black.

The album is characterised by a "cleaner", more synthetic sound when compared to Venom's other albums. Especially the drums, which sound almost like a drum machine, are contributing to this fact. Also, the guitar has a brighter sound and is easily distinguishable from the bass. The change in sound is perhaps mostly due to the addition of another guitarist and the producer Nick Tauber, who had previously worked with hard rock acts such as UFO and Thin Lizzy.[3]

Track listing[edit]

Side one
1."Black Xmas"Conrad Lant2:57
2."The Chanting of the Priests"Lant, Anthony Bray4:25
3."Metal Punk"Lant3:24
4."Under a Spell"Lant4:09
5."Calm Before the Storm"Lant, Bray, James Clare4:14
Side two
7."Krackin' Up"Lant2:15
8."Beauty and the Beast"Lant3:49
11."Muscle"Lant, Clare2:43


  • Nick Tauber - producer
  • Keith Nichol, Andy Lovell - engineers
  • Stuart Brown, Nigel Broad - assistant engineers
  • Aaron Chakraverty - mastering


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