Calocoris nemoralis

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Calocoris nemoralis
Miridae - Calocoris nemoralis f. hispanica.jpg
Calocoris nemoralis f. hispanica, upperside
Miridae - Calocoris nemoralis f. hispanica-000. hispanica-001.JPG
Side view
Scientific classification
C. nemoralis
Binomial name
Calocoris nemoralis
(Fabricius, 1787)

Calocoris nemoralis is a species of true bugs belonging to the family Miridae or jumping tree bugs, subfamily Mirinae.[2]


Forms within this species include:[3]

  • Calocoris nemoralis f. bimaculata
  • Calocoris nemoralis f. hexastigma
  • Calocoris nemoralis f. hispanica Gmel.
  • Calocoris nemoralis f. picea Cyr.
  • Calocoris nemoralis f. nigrovittata Costa
  • Calocoris nemoralis f. erytrocephala Mancini
  • Calocoris nemoralis f. vittata


This species can be found in most of Southern Europe (Cyprus, European Turkey, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta. Portugal and Spain).[4]


Calocoris nemoralis f. bimaculata

Calocoris nemoralis can reach a length of 8.5–9 millimetres (0.33–0.35 in) in males, of 8.2–9.5 millimetres (0.32–0.37 in) in females.[5] Bodies af these bugs are elongated. The head is black, very rarely clear. The dorsal surface is covered with dense black hairs. The membrane is black. Legs are black, femurs and tibiae are often partly red or yellow.[5]

Calocoris nemoralis is usually red coloured with black dots.[6] This species presents many forms, with an enormous variability in colors, that may be white, black, gray, yellowish, greenish or blood red, with and without black spots.[5][7]


Adults of these bugs can be found from June to September. The main host plants are Cirsium, Carduus and Silybum species. Eggs overwinter.[5]


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