Caloocan local elections, 2013

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Caloocan mayoral elections, 2013
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← 2010 May 13, 2013 2016 →
Nominee Oscar Malapitan RJ Echiverri
Party UNA Liberal
Running mate Nani Almeda Tito Varela
Popular vote 227,307 156,748

Mayor before election

Enrico Echiverri

Elected Mayor

Oscar Malapitan

Local elections in Caloocan City was held on May 13, 2013 within the Philippine general election. The voters elected for the elective local posts in the city: the mayor, vice mayor, the two Congressmen, and the councilors, six in each of the city's two legislative districts.

Mayoral and vice mayoral election[edit]

The Incumbent Mayor Enrico Echiverri is term-limited and ineligible for reelection, and running for Congress instead, His son League of the Barangay National President RJ Echiverri is his party's nominee. RJ is running under Liberal Party with his running mate former vice mayor Luis Varela who serve as vice mayor 2001-2010.

1st Dist. Rep.Oscar Malapitan, who term-limited and ineligible for reelection, announce his bid in mayoralty race under the UNA and his running mate is businessman Antonio "Nani" Almeda.

Other for mayor is Independent candidates Macario Asistio, Jr. who became mayor from 1988 until 1995 and Diony Guillarte. Other candidate for Vice Mayor is Rey Malonzo, who became vice-mayor of the city from 1992 until 1995 then mayor from 1995 until 2004, Councilor Maca Asistio who run under PMP and Independent Mariano Yu

Congressional Election[edit]

There will be two candidates for the congressman or district representative post of each of the districts of Caloocan City. The city is divided into two congressional districts: the first district and the second district.

The Incumbent First District Representative Oscar Malapitan is term-limited and running for mayoral race instead. Oscar Malapitan son incumbent Coun. Dale Gonzalo "Along" Malapitan, is the UNA candidate for 1st district congressional seat. He will facing off with incumbent Mayor Enrico "Recom" Echiverri who term-limited in Mayor and candidate of Liberal. Other is the Following Independent Candidate, Roberto Guanzon who became representative from 1995 until 1998, Maria Hernando, Milagros Libuton, Sandro Limpin, Imelda Pengson and Sirgea Villamayor.

For the second district, The incumbent Rep.Mitzi Cajayon is running under NUP bolted from Lakas-CMD, her opponents is Luis Asistio who became 2nd District representative from 1992 until 2001 and 2001 until 2004 and running under NPC. another is incumbent Vice Mayor Edgar Erice who became representative from 2001-2004 and running under Liberal. Other candidates are Carlos Cabochan of Kapatiran and independent Adoracion Garcia.



2013 Caloocan mayoral election
Party Candidate Votes %
UNA Oscar G. "Oca" Malapitan 227,308 54.47
Liberal Ricojudge Janvier V. "RJ" Echiverri 156,748 37.56
Independent Macario "Boy" Asistio Jr. 8,779 2.10
Independent Dionisio G. "Diony" Guillarte 1,543 0.37
Margin of victory 70,559 16.88%
Invalid or blank votes 22,917 5.49
Total votes 417,294 100
UNA gain from Liberal

Vice mayoral election[edit]

2013 Caloocan vice mayoral election
Party Candidate Votes %
PMP Macario "Maca" Asistio III 112,488 26.96
Liberal Luisito R. "Luis Tito" Varela 105,599 25.31
UNA Roberto J. "Nani" Almeda 88,761 21.27
Independent Reynaldo M. "Rey" Malonzo 66,341 15.90
Independent Mariano L. "Marion" Yu 2,519 0.60
Margin of victory 6,889 1.65%
Invalid or blank votes 41,586 9.97
Total votes 417,294 100
PMP gain from Liberal

Philippine House of Representatives elections[edit]

1st District[edit]

2013 Philippine House of Representatives election at Caloocan's 1st district
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Enrico Echiverri 126,209 46.82
UNA Dale Gonzalo Malapitan 113,453 42.09
Independent Roberto Guanzon 10,443 3.87
Independent Imelda Pengson 374 0.14
Independent Maria Hernando 364 0.13
Independent Milagros Libuton 329 0.12
Independent Sirgea Villamayor 283 0.10
Independent Sandro Limpin 193 0.07
Margin of victory 12,756 4.73%
Invalid or blank votes 17,904 6.64
Total votes 269,552 100
Liberal gain from UNA

2nd District[edit]

Cajayon is the incumbent.

2013 Navotas legislative election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Edgar Erice 57,318 38.80
NUP Mitzi Cajayon 49,976 33.83
NPC Luis Asistio 26,196 17.73
Ang Kapatiran Carlo Cabochan 3,346 2.26
Independent Adoracion Garcia 473 0.32
Margin of victory 7,342 4.97%
Invalid or blank votes 10,443 7.06
Total votes 147,742 100
Liberal gain from NUP

City Council elections[edit]

Each of Caloocan City's two legislative districts elects six councilors to the City Council. The six candidates with the highest amount of votes wins the seats per district. Some who are running are the same names from 2010.

Administration coalition (Team RJ)[edit]

Liberal Party/Caloocan City-1st District
Name Party Result
Henry Cammayo Liberal lost
Andy Mabagos Liberal lost
Cenon Mayor Liberal lost
Alou Nubla Liberal won
Patrick Prado Liberal lost
Susan Punzalan Liberal won
Liberal Party/Caloocan City-2nd District
Name Party Result
Chito Abel Liberal won
Allen Aruelo Liberal won
L.A. Asistio Liberal lost
Tino Bagus Liberal won
Carol Cunanan Liberal won
Arnold Divina Liberal lost

Primary opposition coalition (Team Oca)[edit]

United Nationalist Alliance/Caloocan City-1st District
Name Party Result
Jay Africa UNA won
Dean Asistio UNA won
Lolit Corpuz UNA lost
Onet Henson UNA won
Obet Quizon UNA lost
Karina Te UNA won
United Nationalist Alliance/Caloocan City-2nd District
Name Party Result
Wewel De Leon UNA lost
Lando Doloso UNA lost
James Lao UNA lost
Rose Mercado UNA won
Jerrboy Mauricio UNA lost
Obet Samson UNA won


1st District[edit]

Caloocan City Council Election - 1st District
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Susan Punzalan 119,416 9.16
UNA Karina Te 116,655 8.95
Liberal Alou Nubla 107,979 8.28
UNA Jay Africa 90,411 6.93
UNA Dean Asistio 89,588 6.87
UNA Onet Henson 89,348 6.85
Liberal Henry Cammayo 85,594 6.56
Liberal Andy Mabagos 82,565 6.33
Liberal Patrick Prado 78,270 6.00
Liberal Cenon Mayor 62,326 4.78
UNA Lolit Corpuz 59,170 4.54
UNA Obet Quizon 58,340 4.47
Independent Jay Trillanes 49,061 3.76
Independent Boy Bacolod 38,586 2.96
NUP Andy Asistio 34,067 2.61
Independent Tiffany Aguilar 32,940 2.53
Independent Ruben Gatchalian 20,204 1.55
Independent Tina Guino-o 17,059 1.31
Nacionalista Cherry Sarmiento-Vallega 17,031 1.31
Reform Caloocan Party Jun Ling 16,021 1.23
PMP Leonardo Padilla 11,253 0.86
Independent Cielo Alonzo 9,702 0.74
Independent Princess Nathalie Roll 9,010 0.69
Independent Tyrone De Leon 5,175 0.40
Independent Josue Engano 4,222 0.32
Total votes 269,552 100.00%

2nd District[edit]

Caloocan City Council Election - 2nd District
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Carol Cunanan 76,192 10.62
Liberal Tino Bagus 69,249 9.66
UNA Rose Mercado 62,669 8.74
Liberal Allen Aruelo 62,282 8.68
UNA Obet Samson 59,698 8.32
Liberal Chito Abel 56,799 7.92
Liberal L.A. Asistio 52,580 7.33
UNA Jerrboy Mauricio 50,982 7.11
Liberal Arnold Divina 50,835 7.09
PMP Nancy Quimpo 41,104 5.73
Independent Dennis Macalintal 34,480 4.86
UNA Wewel De Leon 32,873 4.58
UNA Lando Doloso 28,190 3.93
UNA James Lao 26,779 3.73
Independent Alvin Abelardo 8,369 1.17
Independent Anthony Lopez 3,690 0.51
Total votes 147,742 100.00

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