Caloosahatchee Seamount

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Caloosahatchee Seamount
Caloosahatchee Seamount in the Corner Rise Seamount group
Location North Atlantic Ocean
Coordinates 34°40′48″N 49°46′12″W / 34.68000°N 49.77000°W / 34.68000; -49.77000Coordinates: 34°40′48″N 49°46′12″W / 34.68000°N 49.77000°W / 34.68000; -49.77000[1]
Volcanic arc/chain Corner Rise Seamounts

The Caloosahatchee Seamount is a seamount in the northern Atlantic Ocean. It is part of the Corner Rise Seamounts, which was active about 75 million years ago. It was formed when the North American Plate moved over the New England hotspot.[2]


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