Caltex Records

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Caltex Records
Caltex Records logo.png
Parent company Caltex Trading, Inc.
Founded 1980
Founder Mehrdad Pakravan
Distributor(s) Caltex Records
Genre Various Persian music
Country of origin US
Location Canoga Park, California
Official website

Caltex Records (Persian: کلتکس رکوردز‎‎) is a record label based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1980 by Iranian American immigrant Mehrdad Pakravan. The label focuses on Iranian music. In 1994, the label represented 75% of Persian musical artists in the world, in part due to the exodus of musicians from Iran after the government banned popular music.[1]

Notable artists[edit]

Artists and bands who have recorded with Caltex Records include:

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