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Caltex Woolworths(BP)
Joint venture
Industry Automotive and retail
Founded 1996 as Woolworths Plus Petrol, 2003 as Caltex Woolworths
Headquarters Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia
Key people
Brad Banducci, Chief Executive Officer, Woolworths Limited
James Aylen, General Manager Petrol, Woolworths Limited
Products Petrol, convenience and grocery
Parent Woolworths Limited, Caltex Australia

Caltex Woolworths is an Australian chain of petrol station, operated by Caltex Australia and Woolworths Limited in a joint venture. In Victoria, it traded as Caltex Safeway until Woolworths scrapped the name in late 2008.

As of end of financial year 2015, there are 516 Woolworths-operated sites and about 100 Caltex-operated Star Mart/Star Shop sites which accept Woolworth fuel discounts.[1][2]

In December 2016, Woolworths announced it had agreed to sell its own operated sites to BP for AU$1.75 billion, and would enter into a franchise agreement.[3]


Caltex Woolworths station in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

Woolworths' foray into the petrol business began in 1996 with a Woolworths Plus Petrol station in Dubbo, New South Wales.[4]

In 2003, Woolworths announced a joint venture with Caltex. Caltex would supply fuel to the outlets and they would be co-branded. All Woolworths Petrol and selected Caltex sites near Woolworths supermarkets were rebranded accordingly.[5][6]

In late 2014, Woolworths and Caltex revised the terms of their alliance, with the changes affecting the 131 Caltex-operated sites. 92 of the sites would be rebranded as either as Star Mart or Star Shop convenience stores while continuing to accept the Woolworths fuel discount redemption while the remainder would exit the Caltex–Woolworths alliance entirely.[2]

In December 2016, Woolworths announced it would sell its own operated sites to BP for AU$1.75 billion, and would enter into a franchise agreement to retain its branded stores at the sites.[7] A new format under the brand "Metro at BP" is planned to be introduced for up to 200 sites. The sale, subject to shareholder and regulatory approval, is due to be completed by 2 January 2018.[8]

Fuel discount offer[edit]

Caltex Woolworths offers a 4¢ per litre discount off the pump price for customers who present a docket, obtained after spending a qualifying amount of $30 or more at Woolworths and Safeway supermarkets and Tasmanian Big W department stores (Previously nationwide; mainland Big W stores stopped issuing fuel dockets in September 2010).

The offer initially involved an escalating scale of discount off the price of petrol, depending on the amount spent to qualify – $30.00-$59.99 for 2¢ per litre, $60.00-$149.99 for 4¢ per litre, and $150.00 and above for 6¢ per litre.[9] However, the offer eventually settled on a median 4¢ per litre discount with purchases of $30.00 and over, after the launch of rival Coles' equivalent fuel discount offer through Coles Express service stations in 2003.

The 4¢ per litre discount is doubled to 8¢ if a petrol buyer also purchases goods to the value of at least $5 at the petrol station convenience store and pays for both petrol and goods in the same transaction.

In 2008, Woolworths launched its Everyday Rewards loyalty card. With the card, customers can obtain their fuel discount vouchers by swiping their cards at Woolworths, Safeway and Big W (Tasmania only) checkouts nationwide and then redeem the discount by swiping their cards at Caltex Woolworths petrol stations.


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