Calvados Chain

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Calvados Chain
Calvados Chain (Landsat).JPG
Satellite image
Calvados Chain is located in Papua New Guinea
Calvados Chain
Calvados Chain
Location Oceania
Coordinates 11°09′48″S 152°48′32″E / 11.16333°S 152.80889°E / -11.16333; 152.80889Coordinates: 11°09′48″S 152°48′32″E / 11.16333°S 152.80889°E / -11.16333; 152.80889[1]
Archipelago Louisiade Archipelago
Adjacent bodies of water Solomon Sea
Total islands 45
Major islands
Area 85.1 km2 (32.9 sq mi)
Province  Milne Bay
District Samarai-Murua District
LLG [2] multiple
Island Group Calvados Chain
Largest settlement Bomalou (pop. 300)
Population 3276 (2014)
Ethnic groups Papauans, Austronesians, Melanesians.
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The Calvados Chain are a group of islands in the Solomon Sea, belonging to Papua New Guinea within the Louisiade Archipelago.


The group extends from Pana Varavara in the west to the small island of Nigaho in the east over a distance of 88 km. The easternmost island of Nigaho is where the chain of islands end. Pana Tinani is separated from the group by the isolated Magamaga Channel. The islands rise up to 302 meters (Motorina) steeply from the sea and are either wooded or overgrown with grass. Many islands are surrounded by their own reefs and small lagoons. Apart from the high islands, there are numerous low coral islands and reefs. The eastern edge of the chain lies to the northwest of Vanatinai (formerly Sudest) Island.[3]


Twelve of the islands are inhabited, with a total of 3276 residents. The islanders speak the Misima-Paneati Language.


Primary islands in the chain:

Island Capital Other Cities Area (km²) Population
Pana Varavara 0.57 0
Panasia 2.11 0
Sloss Islands 0.36 0
Utian Utian 1.54 514
Pana Rora 0.81 0
Pana Udu Udi 0.69 0
Gulewa Gulewa 0.59 18
Ululina Ululina 0.59 5
Venariwa Venariwa 0.76 16
Motorina Riman Bay Tawara, Mabaraboraboa 7.8 595
Bonna Wan 1.09 0
Bagaman Bagaman 7.45 264
Bobo Eina 2.43 0
Pana Numara Hoba Bay 1.93 183
Yaruman 0.37 0
Panangaribu 0.5 0
Panatinane 0.79 0
Pana Krusima 1.47 0
Kuwanak Kuwanak 3.66 170
Gigila Nogui 1.42 121
Pana Wina Bomalou Panambari, Boiama 30.55 456
Hemenahei 10.15 0
Nigao Nigao 0.1 226
Sabari Hekampan Tandeyai, Hebenahine, Maho 4.04 708
Calvados Chain Pana Wina Motorina, Bagaman 85.1 3276