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Calvary Temple Hyderabad
DenominationNondenominational Christianity
Weekly attendance250,000
Founded05-06-2005 (05-06-2005)
Founder(s)Dr.P.Satish Kumar
Senior pastor(s)Dr.Satish Kumar
Dr. P. Satish Kumar - founder Calvary Temple
Bro. P. Satish Kumar

Calvary Temple is a Bible-based independent megachurch in Hyderabad, India, with 225,000 members.[1] The founder and pastor of this church is Dr.P.Satish Kumar.{/ref\}}{/ref\}}


The Calvary Temple was founded on 5 June 2005 with 25 believers.[2] The church grew to 1,000 attendees in 2007, [3] 8,000 people in 2008, and 195,000 in 2018.[4]

Satish Kumar received an Honorary Doctorate from Dallas Baptist University (DBU) in 2018.[5]

Calvary Temple[edit]

In 2012, the Church begins construction of a building of 18,000 seats. After 52 days, the Calvary Temple is inaugurated on January 1, 2013.[6]

The Calvary Temple recently started branches across the Indian states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

  • Calvary Temple Hyderabad (Main Church)
  • Calvary Temple Nambur (Near Vijayawada )
  • Calvary Temple Kurnool(Nandikotkur road)
  • Calvary Temple Zaheerabad
  • Calvary Temple Guntakal
  • Calvary Temple Ongole
  • Calvary Temple Warangal

Calvary Bible College[edit]

The Calvary Bible College provides Theological education and it is located in the church premises. [7]

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