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Calvary Temple Hyderabad
Denomination[Protestent Christianity]
Weekly attendance250,000
Founded05-06-2005 (05-06-2005)
Founder(s)P Satish Kumar
Senior pastor(s)Satish Kumar
Bro. P. Satish Kumar - founder Calvary Temple
Bro. P. Satish Kumar

Calvary Temple Church[1] is an evangelical megachurch of Hyderabad, in India, current Protestant Christianity. The pastor of this community is Satish Kumar since its founding in 05-06-2005. In 2018, the attendance is 250,000 people.


The Church was founded on 5 June 2005 Hyderabad with pastor Satish Kumar and 25 people.[2] Hundreds of people were added and in 2006, the Church had 1,000.[3] In 2007, the church has 3,000 people. Then the church had an attendance of 80,000 in 2013, 130,000 in 2015, 155,000 in 2016 and 195,000 in 2018.[4]

Calvary Temple[edit]

In 2012, the church began a project building construction 18,000 seats, in 52 days.[5] Calvary Temple was inaugurated 1 January 2013.[citation needed].

Calvary temple Pastor Dr. P.Satish Kumar preaches the word across the country by conducting meetings named as Calvary meetings.

There are couple of services which are being served from or by Calvary temple.

  1. Calvary Temple Church
  2. Calvary meetings across the country
  3. Calvary Swaram (TV Programs in all Indian main languages)
  4. Calvary Bible College
  5. Calvary kanthi ( Monthly Spiritual Magzine)

Calvary temple recently started its branches across the states of Telanagana and Andhrapradesh in India.

1.Calvary Temple Hyderabad (Main Church)

2.Calvary Temple Nambur (Near Vijayawada )

3. Calvary Temple Kurnool

4. Calvary Temple Zaheerabad

5.Calvary temple Gunthakal

6.Calvary Temple Ongloe

7.Calvary temple Warangal

Calvary Bible College[edit]

The church has a Bible College for the preparation of ministry, the Calvary Bible College.[6]

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