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Background information
Birth name Calvin "Joonie" Gary, Jr.
Born Jacksonville, NC United States
Genres R&B, soul, quiet storm, slow jams
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, composer, musician, record producer
Instruments Vocals, keyboards, piano, guitar, percussion
Years active 2001–present
Labels Indie, Hitclub Entertainment / Wiz Kid Music
Associated acts Elliott Yamin, Ruben Studdard, Angie Stone, Mos Def,

JOONIE is an American Soul/R&B Artist and Musician.

Calvin "Joonie" Gary, Jr., better known by his stage name JOONIE is an American singer, songwriter, arranger and musician, specializing in Soul, R&B and Popular music. Born in Jacksonville, North Carolina into a musical family, where in addition to the musical influence of his parents, Gospel music and Soul music were always a part of his life.

Joonie and his family relocated to Seattle, Washington, when he was 12 years old. It was then, Joonie began his musical journey. He taught himself how to play the piano, guitar and other instruments, locking himself in his room for days practicing and creating music he wanted to hear.

As is the case with so many great Soul and R&B Artists, Joonie also began his vocal career singing and playing musical instruments in the church and performing in community choirs, school assemblies, where he won many talent competitions.

Although Joonie is an accomplished multi-octave range vocalist, and versatile musician; his goal was not to be a singer, he just wanted to be a songwriter. His break came along after he was forced to sing his own demos, because he could not find a vocalist to emote his songs the way he felt they should have been sung. A friend got Joonie's demo CD to rapper and producer Warren G, who helped Joonie secure his first label deal at the age of 21.[1]

Due to creative and ideological differences, layered with internal changes at the record label, Joonie walked away from the deal and Joonie took a hiatus from the music industry, where at one point; he says, he "almost lost his desire to create".[1]

For several years, Joonie stayed behind the scenes in music, writing, arranging, producing or playing instrumentals for other artists including, Elliott Yamin, Ruben Stoddard, Nappy Roots and creating unreleased collaborations with Angie Stone and Mos Def, but, after touring and performing with Elliott Yamin, on two worldwide tours, and seeing the audience reactions to Joonie's performances, Joonie knew he needed to step back into the forefront once again.

Also during this time, Joonie also worked on a number of film and television related projects including an appearance on "Lincoln Heights (TV Series)";[2] and was the Musical Director for the 2009 film, “I Do, I Did”,[3] which also featured several of Joonie’s songs, including “Sunshine”, “Make it Last”, “Delilah” and “Acoustic Love”. The single "Sunshine" is a promotional single available on Joonie's websites, however, "Make it Last", “Delilah and "Acoustic Love" are featured on Joonie's 2010 “Acoustic Love” album.

“Acoustic Love”, Joonie's debut album, released April 27, 2010 is a compilation of Contemporary R&B songs, performed by, as well as written and produced by Joonie. “Acoustic Love” expresses his feelings about love and relationships, explored from a very rare point of view in current popular music; one where romance exists, women, are valued and appreciated, a story is told and pure emotions are expressed set to perfect arrangements with infectious rhythms and uniquely void of misogynistic lyrics, so prevalent in today’s urban music. His ability to tell a story in his songs without vulgar or derogatory language, as well as his classic Soulful sound has been praised by music critics and bloggers.

Genres: Soul, R&B, Nu-Soul, Pop, Contemporary Soul, and Contemporary R&B


“There’s plenty of oversexed, underdeveloped “freak ‘em songs” pumped through the airwaves — so it’s refreshing to hear a new voice preserving the sexy of R&B with themes of true love with a smooth delivery like singer/songwriter, Calvin Gary, Jr. aka JOONIE.” – [4]

“Joonie brings back the good old R&B/Soul. His first single 'So Fly' is proof of that and his album will blow you away. Joonie presents his freshman album, "ACOUSTIC LOVE," available on April 27, 2010. "ACOUSTIC LOVE" features 12 silky smooth tracks that highlight and expresses Joonie's feelings on love and relationships through true musicianship. Joonie, writes, arranges, produces and performs his own songs, a rarity in today's music space." – Music[5]


  • 2003: "Unreleased" Album – JOONIE (Lead Vocals, Songwriter)
  • 2007: "Sounds of the Season" (Target) Elliott Yamin (JOONIE, Keyboards)
  • 2007: "I Need An Angel" – Ruben Studdard (JOONIE, Guitar)
  • 2008: "My Kind of Holiday" – Elliott Yamin (JOONIE, Keyboards)
  • 2009: "Fight For Love" – Elliott Yamin (JOONIE, Background Vocals, Keyboards, producer, Engineer)
  • 2010: "Acoustic Love" – JOONIE (Lead Vocals, songwriter, Producer)
  • 2014: "€ontrast" – JOONIE (Lead Vocals, songwriter, Producer)


  • 2007: "Lincoln Heights (TV Series)" (Self)
  • 2007: "Dead Tone" ("7eventy 5ive") (Songs featured)
  • 2008: "Wifey" (Video) (Songs featured)
  • 2009: "I Do, I Did" (Musical Director, Songs featured)


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