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In Greek mythology, Calyce (Ancient Greek: Καλύκη Kalyke) or Calycia is the name of several characters.

  • Calyce, a daughter of Aeolus and Enarete.[1] Some sources state that she was the mother of Endymion, king of Elis, by her husband Aethlius, king of Elis[2] or by Zeus.[3] Other sources make her mother, not wife, of Aethlius (again by Zeus), and omit her giving birth to Endymion.[4]
  • Calyce, one of the Nysiads, the nymphs who nursed Dionysus.[5]
  • Calyce, mother of Poseidon's son Cycnus.[6] She is given as the daughter of Hecaton. Cycnus was born in secret, and left to die on the coast, but went on to become a king.[7] In some accounts, the mother of Cycnus was called Harpale[8] or Scamandrodice.[9]
  • Calyce, a chaste maiden who was in love with one Euathlus and prayed to Aphrodite that she may become his wife rather than mistress. Nevertheless, Euathlus rejected her and she threw herself off a cliff.[10]

Modern references[edit]

  • The lunar crater Kalyke is named after the first Kalyke, as is a moon of Jupiter.