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Calypso Technology Inc.
Industry Information Technology
Founded 1997
Headquarters San Francisco, United States
Products Software

Calypso (Calypso Technology, Inc.) is a global application software provider that sells an integrated suite of trading and risk applications to the capital markets function within banks and other companies participating in the world’s financial markets.

Calypso was founded in 1997 by Charles Marston and Kishore Bopardikar and is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. The company has a global footprint with offices in 20+ locations worldwide: San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Santiago, São Paulo, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Madrid, Moscow, Dublin, Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune.[citation needed]

Calypso's trading and risk management platform is the industry’s first integrated application suite designed from the outset to be a front to back office, cross-asset platform for derivative and treasury products.[citation needed] The platform is written entirely in Java.

The platform provides Front Office, Middle Office, and Back Office functions for multiple asset classes such as Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Interest Rate Derivatives, Credit Derivatives and other derivatives instruments. Calypso credit derivatives is market leader in this area.[1]


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