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His Worship
Cam Guthrie
60th Mayor of Guelph
Assumed office
December 1, 2014
Preceded by Karen Farbridge
Personal details
Born Guelph, Ontario

Cam Guthrie is a Canadian politician, currently serving as Mayor of Guelph, Ontario since December 1, 2014.

Personal life[edit]

Guthrie is a third-generation Guelphite born into a family with Scottish immigrant roots. His family includes a number of independent businessmen. Before entering politics, Guthrie was an insurance agent. His father was a chiropractor, and his grandfather owned and operated Guthrie's Bakery in downtown Guelph. He is also a drummer for the local synth-pop musical group Fitness Club Fiasco,[1] who were finalists in CBC Music's Searchlight competition in 2014. He is the cousin of musician Jim Guthrie.[1]

Guthrie is a member of Lakeside Church.[2]

Career in politics[edit]

Prior to his election to the mayoralty, Guthrie represented Ward 4 on Guelph City Council.[3] Guthrie first ran for city councillor in 2006 but lost to Mike Salisbury by 194 votes. He ran again for councillor in 2010 and defeated Salisbury by 1,182 votes.

In the 2014 municipal election, Guthrie was elected mayor of Guelph,[4] defeating incumbent mayor Karen Farbridge by 5,498 votes and claiming just over 50% of the popular vote.[5] In his inaugural address, Guthrie stated that his priorities would continue to be limiting tax increases to the rate of inflation,[6] reviewing the transit system, improving customer service at City Hall, and addressing an infrastructure deficit.

Guthrie has been involved in politics for at least 20 years, serving as the previous president of the Guelph chapter of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.[citation needed]

Electoral record[edit]

Guelph municipal election, 2014: Mayor
Candidate Votes % Δ% Expenditures[a]
Cam Guthrie 19,672 50.75 $91,314.72[7]
Karen Farbridge (X) 14,174 36.57 -17.54 $80,263.17[8]
Jason Blokhuis 3,987 10.29 $6,766.23[9]
Andrew Donovan 296 0.76 $1,074.50[10]
John Legere 269 0.69 $7,204.24[11]
Joseph St. Denis 250 0.64 $6,192.70[12]
Nicholas A. Ross 112 0.29 none listed
Total valid votes/Expense Limit 38,760 100.0     $82,168.25
Turnout 38,873 43.21
Eligible voters 89,968
Sources: 2014 Official Election Results, City of Guelph, 2014 Election - Mayor, City of Guelph, and Voter Statistics, City of Guelph
  1. ^ includes expenses not subject to spending limit


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