Cẩm Phả

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Cẩm Phả
Thành phố Cẩm Phả
Bến Do xã Cẩm Phả.jpg
Cẩm Phả is located in Vietnam
Cẩm Phả
Cẩm Phả
Coordinates: 21°01′N 107°19′E / 21.017°N 107.317°E / 21.017; 107.317
Country  Vietnam
Region Northeast
Province Quảng Ninh
 • Total 486.45 km2 (187.82 sq mi)
Elevation 70 m (230 ft)
Population (2015)
 • Total 203,435
 • Density 418/km2 (1,080/sq mi)
Time zone UTC + 7 (UTC+7)
Climate Cwa
Website Cẩm Phả city

Cẩm Phả (About this sound listen) is a city of Quảng Ninh Province in the north-east region of Vietnam. It is an important coal exporting port of Vietnam (UNCTAD: VNCPH).[1] As of February 2012, the city had a population of 195,800. The city covers an area of 486 km². The city was promoted from Cẩm Phả District by February, 2012.[2] Cẩm Phả was the site of one of the biggest coal mines in south of Asia which has been exploited for almost a century.[3] The coal mine featured on a special commemorative Vietnam stamp in March 1959.[4] Coal still forms the basis of Cẩm Phả's local economy, with other industries including quarrying, lime production, port, agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

The official town website claims several scenic and historical sites in Cẩm Phả including the Cửa Ông Temple, Rều Island (Monkey Island), Thẻ Vàng Island, the Vũng Đục historical site, and Hang Hanh cave.[5]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The city contains 13 phường: Quang Hanh, Cẩm Thạch, Cẩm Thuỷ, Cẩm Trung, Cẩm Thành, Cẩm Tây, Cẩm Bình, Cẩm Đông, Cẩm Sơn, Cẩm Phú, Cẩm Thịnh, Cửa Ông, Mông Dương, and 3 communes: Dương Huy, Cộng Hoà, Cẩm Hải.

Port of Cẩm Phả[edit]

Though the port of Cẩm Phả has a general maximum draft of 4.8 metres, it has a separate coal loading terminal with a dredged depth of 6.1 metres and a channel depth of 7.1 metres.[6][7] This allows ships of upto 10 metres draft to load due to the tidal range in the port.[8] The coal loading terminal is 299 metres long, and can accommodate ships that are 165 metres in length, at an average loading rate of 6,000 tonnes per day.[1]


Coal mining in Cẩm Phả started over 100 years ago. Mining area discharges to the sea about 9 millions m3 waste water and 8 million m3 domestic waste water. Another issue is deforestation, for example, from 1969 to 1974, about 42% of area of forest land was reduced.[9]


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Coordinates: 21°01′N 107°19′E / 21.017°N 107.317°E / 21.017; 107.317