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Camac Harps (French: Les Harpes Camac) is a French company that manufactures pedal (concert) harps, lever (folk) harps, and electric pedal and lever harps. Camac Harps was founded by Joël Garnier in 1972.[1]

Helmed by the innovative performer and composer Jakez François, Camac Harps are known for their innovations in harp manufacture, including using steel aircraft cables instead of solid pedal rods and using carbon fibre for the column instead of all wood, resulting in a concert grand pedal harp that weighs 8–10 kg less than traditionally constructed pedal harps. The pedal harp mechanism of Camac Harps is also designed to be regulated easily by the harpist themselves instead of having to be sent to a professional harp workshop.

Camac Harps is perhaps best known for its "Blue" range, electric harp and midi harp innovations. Camac Harps produces solid-body, carbon fibre electric lever harps with 31 and 36 strings, and electro-acoustic pedal harps. The well-known carbon fibre electric harp model, DHC, was named after harpist Deborah Henson-Conant.

Camac Harps are noted for finishing harps in unusual, non-traditional colours, such as blue, green, and pink.[2]

One of the best-known harpists playing Camac harps is Athy (harpist) from Argentina.

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