Camarata (Mauretania)

Coordinates: 35°21′16″N 1°17′14″W / 35.35444°N 1.28722°W / 35.35444; -1.28722
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Camarata (Mauretania) is located in Algeria
Camarata (Mauretania)
Shown within Algeria
LocationSidi Djeloul
RegionSidi Safi, Aïn Témouchent, Algeria
Coordinates35°21′16″N 1°17′14″W / 35.35444°N 1.28722°W / 35.35444; -1.28722

Camarata (Punic: 𐤊‬𐤌‬𐤀‬, KMʾ)[1][2] was a Carthaginian and Roman port on the Mediterranean near Siga in Mauretania. Under the Romans, it was part of the province of Mauretania Caesariensis. Its ruins are thought to be those at the mouth of the Wadi Ghazer[3] at Sidi Djeloul in Sidi Safi, Algeria.[4] The maritime town was near Siga.[5]


Camarata released bronze coins stamped with the town's Punic name and a crudely-done head obverse and grapes and an ear of wheat reverse.[1] It has been associated with Zimran or described as a Zimrite country along with Thamarita and Tumarra.[6]

After the French occupation of Algeria, the area around Camarata became known for its high-quality iron ore.[7] The road to Beni Saf, for instance, which had large deposit of iron ore, traversed Camarata.[8]

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