Cambambe Hydroelectric Power Station

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Cambambe Power Station
Cambambe Hydroelectric Power Station is located in Angola
Cambambe Hydroelectric Power Station
Location of Cambambe Power Station in Angola
Country Angola
Location Cuanza Norte Province
Coordinates 9°45′S 14°29′E / 9.750°S 14.483°E / -9.750; 14.483Coordinates: 9°45′S 14°29′E / 9.750°S 14.483°E / -9.750; 14.483
Status Under construction
Construction began October 7, 1959
Opening date October 6, 1963
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Arch dam
Impounds Kwanza River
Height (thalweg) 132 m (433 ft)
Length 300 m (980 ft)
Spillways 7
Spillway capacity 4,500 m3/s (160,000 cu ft/s)
Surface area 5.5 km2 (2.1 sq mi)
Turbines Central 1: 4 x 65 MW, Francis-type
Central 2: 4 x 175 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity Central 1: 260 MW
Central 2: 700 MW
Total: 960 MW

The Cambambe Power Station is a hydroelectric power plant of the Kwanza River on the border of the Cuanza Norte and Bengo provinces in Angola. It has a power generating capacity of 180 megawatts (240,000 hp), enough to power over 120,535 homes. Hydroelectric plants generate over two thirds of Angola's electricity.

The construction of Cambambe dam was started on October 7, 1959 and finished in 1963

In April 2007, Odebrecht in a consortium with Voith, Alstom and Engevix, was hired by the Empresa Nacional de Electricidade, to carry out the project of rehabilitation, expansion and modernization of dam. The project includes the heightening of the structure by 30 meters, the modernization of the generating units of the Central 1, replacing the four 45 MW turbines by four 65 MW turbines, and the construction of a new plant, called Central 2, with four generating units of 175 MW each, for a total of 700 MW. The works in Central 1 started in March, 2009 and in Central 2 in 2013.

On June 30, 2016 the first turbine of the Central 2 began to generate electricity.