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Looking north along Burke Road from Camberwell Junction

Camberwell Junction is a major intersection in Melbourne, Australia. It is at the intersection of Burke, Riversdale and Camberwell Roads. Trams that pass through the junction are the 70, 72 and 75.[1] The Junction is approximately 500 metres south of Camberwell railway station on the Belgrave, Lilydale and Alamein lines.

The Junction is adjacent to Camberwell shopping centre, focussed mainly on Burke Road. The nearby Camberwell Market features speciality delicatessens and fruit and vegetables. The Rivoli cinemas in Riversdale Road comprise an Art Deco design and show mainstream and arthouse films.


  1. ^ Project Daylight hits Camberwell Yarra Trams 19 June 2001

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Coordinates: 37°49′53″S 145°3′24″E / 37.83139°S 145.05667°E / -37.83139; 145.05667