Cambridge Greensand

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Cambridge Greensand
Stratigraphic range: Early Cretaceous
Type Geological formation
Region Europe

The Cambridge Greensand is a geological formation in England whose strata date back to the Early Cretaceous. Dinosaur remains are among the fossils that have been recovered from the formation.[1]

Vertebrate paleofauna[edit]



Enaliornis barretti - "Braincases, vertebrae, pelvis [and] limb elements.."[2]

Enaliornis sedgwicki - "Hindlimb elements."[2]

Enaliornis seeleyi - "Assorted cranial and postcranial elements"


Anoplosaurus curtonotus - "Partial postcranium."[3]

Anoplosaurus major - "Cervical vertebrae."[3] "Vertebrae."[4]

Acanthopholis eucercus - "[Two] caudal centra."[3]

Acanthopholis platypus (in part) - "Phalanx, caudal centra."[3]

Acanthopholis macrocercus (aka Syngonosaurus) - "Osteoderms."[3] "Vertebrae, fragmentary skeleton elements."[4]

Acanthopholis stereocercus - "Osteoderms."[3] "Vertebrae."[4]

Eucercosaurus tanyspondylus - "Vertebrae."[3]

Trachodon cantabrigiensis - "Dentary tooth."[5]


Acanthopholis platypus (in part) - "Metatarsals I-V."[6]

Macrurosaurus semnus - "Caudal vertebrae"[6]



Amblydectes crassidens

Amblydectes eurygnathus

Camposipterus colorhinus

Camposipterus nasutus

Camposipterus sedgwickii

Lonchodraco machaerorhynchus

Lonchodraco microdon

Ornithocheirus simus

"Ornithocheirus" capito

"Ornithocheirus" denticulatus

"Ornithocheirus" platystomus

"Ornithocheirus" polyodon

Ornithostoma sedgwicki



Cetarthrosaurus walkeri

Platypterygius campylodon

Sisteronia seeleyi

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