Cambridge Low Frequency Synthesis Telescope

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Surviving Yagi antennas of the CLFST in June 2014

The Cambridge Low-Frequency Synthesis Telescope (CLFST) is an east-west aperture synthesis radio telescope currently operating at 151 MHz. It consists of 60 tracking yagis on a 4.6 km baseline, giving 776 simultaneous baselines. These provide a resolution of 70×70 cosec(declination) arcsec2, with a sensitivity of about 30 to 50 mJy/beam, and a field of view of about 9°×9°. The telescope is situated at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory.

CLFST in May 1999

The CLFST has made three astronomical catalogues of the Northern Hemisphere:

  • 6C survey at 151 MHz
  • 7C survey at 151 MHz
  • 8C survey at 38 MHz

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Coordinates: 52°10′13″N 0°02′33″E / 52.1704°N 0.0426°E / 52.1704; 0.0426