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Cambridge to Africa

Cambridge to Africa is a UK registered charity and not for profit organisation whose purpose is to advance education for children in Africa with a specific focus on deaf children in Uganda.


Cambridge to Africa was founded as a community organisation in January 2008 by Sacha DeVelle and became a UK registered charity in 2010. It is based in Cambridge and consists of a core team working with African communities both locally and abroad.

students texting.
Two students texting.


Cambridge to Africa has a number of projects which it is involved in.

Mobile Phone Project[edit]

The mobile phone project is a social inclusion project that integrates deaf and hearing children in Uganda. Training involves teaching the children how to use a mobile phone especially the SMS facility.[1] The pilot study was launched in 2010. The methodology behind the project is that six deaf children have a hearing buddy, with a total of 12 students contributing to the study. Separate training is provided for both groups for three days. Then they are brought together, with the hearing children playing a buddy role.[2]

Itupale - Online African Journal[edit]

Itupale is an online journal of African studies. It has been formed to support and promote scholarly work from all academic disciplines that relate to Africa. Its principal aim is to provide an open platform for African scholars. Submissions from authors residing in sub continent Africa and South America are particularly encouraged. The journal is published on-line once a year.[3]

Enoch Mukiibi[edit]

Cambridge to Africa has established a relationship with the Ugandan artist Enoch Mukiibi, which allows us to sell pieces of his artwork and receive a percentage of all sales. This money is used to continue our Ugandan projects.

Enoch Mukiibi was born in Kampala in 1975 and is one of nine siblings. His talent as an artist has earned him recognition both in Uganda and abroad. For example, Aidchild, a charity organisation founded by Nathaniel Dunigan that cares for orphans with HIV/AIDS, named Enoch as their Artist of the Year in 2005 and 2007. Enoch is a free-style painter who uses oils, acrylics, and watercolours. He paints with brushes, palette knives, and his bare fingers in order to create vibrant, thick-layered strokes.His paintings include semi-abstract depictions of children, mothers, clothes, and animals.[4]