Camden Haven River

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Camden Haven River
Camden Haven River Southern Branch[1]
Open/trained intermediate wave dominated barrier estuary[2]
North Haven foreshore.jpg
Camden Haven River at North Haven, 2009
Country Australia
State New South Wales
IBRA NSW North Coast
District Mid North Coast
Local government areas Port Macquarie-Hastings, Mid-Coast Council
Towns Kendall, Laurieton
Source Mount Gibraltar, Gibraltar Range
 - location west of Lorne
 - elevation 698 m (2,290 ft)
 - coordinates 31°38′55″S 152°30′4″E / 31.64861°S 152.50111°E / -31.64861; 152.50111
Source confluence Stewarts River with Queens Lake
 - location Watson Taylors Lake, near Laurieton
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 31°42′10″S 152°42′29″E / 31.70278°S 152.70806°E / -31.70278; 152.70806
Mouth Tasman Sea, South Pacific Ocean
 - location Camden Head
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 31°38′55″S 152°48′4″E / 31.64861°S 152.80111°E / -31.64861; 152.80111Coordinates: 31°38′55″S 152°48′4″E / 31.64861°S 152.80111°E / -31.64861; 152.80111
Length 72 km (45 mi)
Depth 3.6 m (12 ft)
Volume 113,802 m3 (4,018,880 cu ft)
Basin 589 km2 (227 sq mi)
Area 32.2 km2 (12 sq mi)
National parks Crowdy Bay, Dooragan
Website: NSW Environment and Heritage webpage

Camden Haven River, an open and trained intermediate wave dominated barrier estuary,[2] is located in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, Australia.

Course and features[edit]

Camden Haven River upper catchment starts at the two south eastern creeks at Edge. The merged flow of the two rivers, together with the outflow of Queens Lake spills into the Tasman Sea of the South Pacific Ocean. The river descends 698 metres (2,290 ft) over its 72 kilometres (45 mi) course.[3]

Camden Haven River is transversed by the Pacific Highway north of the village of Rossglen, between Coopernook and Kew.

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