Camden Power Station

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Camden Power Station
Camdenkragstasie, Ermelo, Mpumalanga, b.jpg
Camden Power Station is located in South Africa
Camden Power Station
Location of Camden Power Station
Location Mpumalanga, South Africa
Coordinates 26°37′13″S 30°5′38″E / 26.62028°S 30.09389°E / -26.62028; 30.09389Coordinates: 26°37′13″S 30°5′38″E / 26.62028°S 30.09389°E / -26.62028; 30.09389
Commission date 1967
Owner(s) Eskom
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Power generation
Units operational


3 x 200 MW
1 x 196 MW
2 x 195 MW
1 x 190 MW
1 x 185 MW
Nameplate capacity 1561 Megawatt

Camden Power Station in Mpumalanga, South Africa, is a coal-fired power plant operated by Eskom.


Camden was commissioned in 1967. Between 1990 and 2006 the station was mothballed, but South Africa's energy crisis in the early 21st century prompted Eskom to recommission the station, starting with unit 6 in July 2005 and completing with unit 1 in July 2008.

Power generation[edit]

Power is generated by eight 200 MW units with a total installed capacity on 1,600 MW.[1] Coal energy to electrical energy conversion efficiency is 33.40%[2]

In the Integrated results for 2015 nominal capacity is listed as 1481 MW with gross capacity of 1561 MW. (3 x 200 MW; 1 x 196 MW; 2 x 195 MW; 1 x 190 MW; 1 x 185 MW)[3]

The four chimneys of Camden Power Station are 152.4 metres (500 ft) tall.

Power distribution[edit]

In addition to feeding the South African grid, Camden, along with Arnot Power Station, also feeds the Mozal Aluminium smelter in Mozambique via 400 kV transmission lines.[2] Mozal consumes around 950 MW.[4]

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