Camden Road

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Camden Road
Camden Road railway station 2005.jpg
Length 1.6 mi (2.6 km)
Postal code NW1
southwest end A400 A400 road
Camden High Street, Kentish Town Road
A4201 A4201 road
51°32′21″N 0°08′33″W / 51.53904°N 0.14263°W / 51.53904; -0.14263
northeast end A1 A1 road
Holloway Road
A503 A503 road
Tollington Road
51°33′22″N 0°07′02″W / 51.55610°N 0.11725°W / 51.55610; -0.11725

Camden Road is a main road running from the junction of Camden High Street and Camden Town tube station up to Holloway Road. It is part of the A503 which continues east as Tollington Road.

Coordinates: 51°32′38″N 0°08′09″W / 51.5440°N 0.1359°W / 51.5440; -0.1359