Came Out of the Grave

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Came Out of the Grave
Came Out Of The Grave.jpg
Studio album by Balzac
Released April 27, 2004
Genre Horror punk
Balzac chronology
Beyond the Darkness
(2003)Beyond the Darkness2003
Came Out of the Grave

Came Out of the Grave is an album by the band Balzac.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Grave - Dreizen"
  2. "Zetsubou-No-Ano-Basyo-E"
  3. "Season of the Dead"
  4. "Inside My Eyes"
  5. "Shi-Wo-Yubi-Sasu"
  6. "The Pain Is All Around"
  7. "Came Out of the Grave"
  8. "Beyond Evil 308"
  9. "Art of Dying"
  10. "The World Without End, The Pain Is Not Around" (reprise)
  11. "I'm Losing You"
  12. "Beware of Darkness" (2004 version)
  13. "I Know"


  • Hirosuke - vocals
  • Atsushi - guitar
  • Akio - bass guitar
  • Takayuki - drums