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Camelot is the legendary stronghold of King Arthur.

Camelot may refer to:

Camelot may also refer to:

  • Camelot era, a nickname for the Kennedy Administration, stressing its glamorous, media-culture image
  • Camelot Theme Park, a former theme park in Lancashire, England
  • Camelot Ghana, a printing company in Ghana
  • Camelot Group, operators of the National Lottery in the United Kingdom
  • Camelot Property Management, a vacant property management firm started in the Netherlands
  • Camelot Software Planning, a Japanese software publisher and developer
  • SS Camelot, a ship owned by the British Ministry of Transport from 1965–1969
  • BR standard class 5 73082 Camelot, a BR Standard Class 5 steam engine preserved on the Bluebell Railway
  • Camlet, a woven fabric that may have originally been made of camel or goat hair
  • Kamelot, an American power metal band with its name derived from the legend of Camelot
  • Kaamelott, a French TV series re-interpreting the Arthurian legends in a humorous way
  • Camelot, a document format that later became PDF
  • Project Camelot, a 1960s U.S. government counterinsurgency study

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