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Camenca is located in Transnistria
Coordinates: 48°01′N 28°43′E / 48.017°N 28.717°E / 48.017; 28.717
Country Moldova
self-proclaimed state Transnistria[1]
Population (2014)
 • Total 8 871
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
Climate Dfb

Camenca (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈkameŋka], Cyrillic spelling Каменка, Russian: Каменка, Kamenka, Ukrainian: Кам'янка, Kamianka, Polish: Kamionka) is a town in Transnistria, Moldova. It is composed of the town itself, and the village of Solnecinoe. Camenca is the seat of Camenca District.

Historical affiliations

The town is located at 48°1′N 28°43′E / 48.017°N 28.717°E / 48.017; 28.717, on the Dniester, in the north of Transnistria. In 1989 it had a population of 13,689. According to the 2004 Census in Transnistria, the town itself has 10,323 inhabitants, including 5,296 Moldovans, 3,476 Ukrainians, 1,305 Russians, 61 Belarusians, 42 Poles, 35 Bulgarians, 32 Gagauzes, 23 Germans, 10 Armenians, 8 Jews, 3 Gypsies, and 32 others.

The mayor is Pyotr Mustya.[2]

Notable people[edit]

  • Nicolae Coval (1904 in Camenca – 1970 in Chişinău) was a Moldavian SSR politician, prime minister of Moldavian SSR 1945 – 1946
  • Pyotr Vershigora (1905 in Severinovca - 1963) was a Soviet writer and one of the leaders of the Soviet partisan movement in Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.


  1. ^ Transnistria's status is disputed. It considers itself to be an independent state, but this is not recognised by any country. The Moldovan government and all the world's other states consider Transnistria de jure a part of Moldova territory.
  2. ^ (in English) State Administrations of Cities and Regions of the PMR

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