Cameo (apple)

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Malus domestica 'Cameo'
Cameo apple.jpg
Hybrid parentage Parents unknown, possibly 'Red Delicious' × 'Golden Delicious'
Cultivar 'Cameo'
Origin Dryden, Washington, United States 1987

'Cameo' is a cultivar of apple, discovered by chance by the Caudle family in a Dryden, Washington orchard in 1987. Its parentage is uncertain; it may be a cross between a 'Red Delicious' and a 'Golden Delicious', since it was found near orchards of those fruits; [1] it also appears similar to the original 'Delicious' cultivar. It is bright red striped over creamy orange, firm and crisp with an aromatic flavor. It is among the top ten most grown apples in Washington.[citation needed]


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