List of Camerlengos of the Sacred College of Cardinals

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The Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals was the treasurer of that body within the Catholic Church. The title is based on an Italian word for chamberlain, a word no longer used in secular contexts.

He administered all property, fees, funds and revenue belonging to the College of Cardinals, celebrated the requiem mass for a deceased cardinal and was charged with the registry of the Acta Consistoralia.

It is believed that the post was created by Pope Eugene III in 1150, but there is no documentary proof of its existence before the pontificate of Pope Innocent III, or perhaps even before the year 1272.[1]

The position existed until 1997.

List of Camerlengos of the Sacred College of Cardinals[edit]

1198 to 1439[edit]

  • Cencio Savelli (1198–1216)
  • (1217–1271 – no information found)
  • Guillaume de Bray (1272–1282)
  • (1283–1287 no information found)
  • Pietro Peregrosso (1288–1295)
  • Hugh Aycelin (1295–1297)
  • Robert de Pontigny (1298–1305)
  • Jean Lemoine (1305–1310)
  • Etienne de Suissy (1310–1311)
  • Nicolas de Freauville (1312–1313)
  • Berenguer Fredol (1313–1323)
  • Guillaume Teste (1323–1326)
  • Pierre d'Arabloy (1326–1331)
  • Pedro Gomez de Barroso (1331–1340)
  • Imbert Dupuis (1340–1348)
  • Guillaume Court (1348–1361)
  • Hugues Roger (1361–1363)
  • Guillaume Aigrefeuille (seniore) (1363–1369)
  • Guillaume Aigrefeuille (iuniore) (from 1369)

1440 to 1499[edit]

1500 to 1600[edit]

1600 to 1700[edit]

1700 to 1801[edit]

1801 to 1900[edit]

1900 to 1997[edit]


  1. ^ I.S.Robinson, The Papacy 1073–1198. Continuity and Innovation, Cambridge University Press 1990, p. 41 and 253, says that Cardinal Cencio was Camerlengo of the College during pontificate of Innocent III, but W. Maleczek, Papst und Kardinalskolleg von 1191 bis 1216, Wien 1984, p.112, doubt it. The first undisputed occupant of that post was Guillaume de Bray in 1272.