Cameron Davenport

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Cameron Davenport
Family Affairs character
Portrayed by Rupert Hill
Duration 2002-2004
Occupation Personal Trainer

Cameron Davenport was a fictional character in the UK soap opera Family Affairs, played by Rupert Hill from 2002 until 2004.

Character's background[edit]

Cameron first arrived in Charnham in March 2002 on army leave, shortly after his parents Robert and Ginny and his sister Jessica arrived in the area from Scotland to open up a new sandwich shop and catering business. The family was later completed when Cameron's younger brother Lewis arrived from boarding school.

Cameron later made an enemy out of Paul Webb, who considered Cameron to be his friend, by sleeping with Paul's fiancee Gemma Craig. Paul left Charnham for several months but later returned and he and Cameron resumed their friendship

In September 2003, Cameron's world came crashing down around him when he and Lewis were left without a father, when Robert was killed when Jake Walker crashed into the sandwich shop during a police chase.

After Lewis' drug addiction and a failed relationship with Geri Evans, Cameron received a call from Ginny in France inviting him and Lewis to join her and Jessica over there. The brothers packed up and moved out of Charnham in 2004.

Adoptive Family[edit]