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Cameron LaCroix
Other namescamo, cam0, camZero, cmuNNY
Known forHacking Paris Hilton's cell phone, accessing LexisNexis, and defacing Burger King's twitter account

Cameron LaCroix, aka camo, cam0, camZero, cmuNNY, is an American computer hacker best known for the hacking of Paris Hilton's cellular phone, accessing LexisNexis, and defacing Burger King's twitter account.[1] He has also been convicted of intentionally causing damage to a protected computer system, obtaining information from a protected computer system, wire fraud, and aggravated identity fraud.[2] Prosecutors said victims of the teen's actions have suffered about $1 million in damages.[1] Pursuant to a plea agreement signed by the juvenile in August 2005, he received 11 months in a federal juvenile detention facility.[3] In January 2007 his supervised release was revoked possession of a cell phone and other computer related equipment that constituted a violation of his conditions of release.[4]

In June 2008, an indictment for Cameron LaCroix was returned from New Bedford Superior Court in Bristol County on a series of counts for computer related offenses.[5]

LaCroix was previously held at MCI Concord , Old Colony Correctional Center, and at the Federal Medical Center, Lexington. He was released on June 9, 2017 according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.[6]


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