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The Cameroonian Party of Democrats (French: Parti des Démocrates Camerounais, PDC) is a political party in Cameroon.


The PDC was initially a loose alliance of candidates,[1] which contested the 1956 Territorial Assembly elections. It received 20.9% of the vote, winning 20 of the 70 seats.

The party was officially formed in 1958, drawing its support from the Ewondo, Bulu and Eton ethnic groups.[2] Its vote share dropped to 10.4% in the 1960 elections, with the party reduced to twelve of the 100 seats.

The 1964 elections saw the PDC receive 6.4% of the vote in West Cameroon, failing to win a seat. It subsequently ceased to operate in the mid-1960s.[2]

The party was resurrected when multi-party democracy was restored in the 1990s. It contested the 1992 parliamentary elections, but received only 1.8% of the vote and failed to win a seat. The 1997 elections saw it receive just 0.1% of the vote, again failing to win a seat.


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