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Ndolé is a dish in Cameroon
Maize is a staple food in Cameroon
Location of Cameroon

Cameroonian cuisine (French: cuisine camerounaise) is one of the most varied in Africa due to Cameroon's location on the crossroads between the north, west, and center of the continent; the diversity in ethnicity with mixture ranging from Bantus, Semi-bantus and Shuwa Arabs, as well as the influence of German, French and English colonialization.


The soil of most of the country is very fertile and a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, both domestic and imported species, are grown. These include:


Traditional dishes served at Ebogo in the Centre Region

Among Cameroonian specialties are:

Ndolè with meat, morrue and shrimp
  • Achu soup (cocoyam fufu with an orange/yellow red palm oil soup)
Achu Soup with Taro and ox skin
Mbongo'o tjobi and banana plantain
  • Egusi soup (ground pumpkin seeds often cooked with dark leafy greens or okra)
  • Kondreh (stewed unripe plantains with herbs and spices, usually cooked with goat meat)
  • Kati kati, a grilled chicken dish[1][2][3] and traditional food of the Kom.[4]

Curries, soups and fish dishes abound, as well as meats on skewers. Insects are eaten in some parts of the country (particularly the forested regions).

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