Cameroonian parliamentary election, 1964

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Parliamentary elections were held in Cameroon on 24 April 1964. They were the first elections held after Southern Cameroons (also known as West Cameroon) became part of the country in 1961. The result was a victory for the Cameroonian Union in East Cameroon and the Kamerun National Democratic Party in West Cameroon.[1] However, the election was marred by severe irregularities.[2]


Party East Cameroon West Cameroon Seats
Votes % Votes %
Cameroonian Union 1,863,614 93.5 40
Kamerun National Democratic Party 192,081 76.1 10
Cameroonian Party of Democrats 129,571 6.5 0
Cameroon People's National Convention 60,485 23.9 0
Invalid/blank votes 13,961
Total 2,007,092 100 252,566 100 50
Registered voters/turnout 2,198,879 91.3
Source: Nohlen et al.


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