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Camfrog Logo.png
Camfrog Video Chat client
Developer(s) Camshare Inc
Initial release 2003 (2003)
Stable release 6.11.480 / May 22, 2015; 36 days ago (2015-05-22)
Written in C++
Operating system iOS
Mac OS X
Microsoft Windows
Available in Multilingual
Type Online chat
License Proprietary

Camfrog is a video chat and an instant messaging client created by Camshare Inc first launched in 2003. Camshare claims on their website that it has attracted "over 70 million downloads" though usually you can find no more than 300,000 people online simultaneously.[1]


  • Camfrog for Windows and Mac
  • Camfrog Server for Windows and Linux
  • Camfrog Distributed Server for Windows and Linux
  • Camfrog Bot for Windows and Linux
  • Camfrog Mobile for Android and iOS
  • Camfrog Tablet for Android and iOS


Camfrog Client includes the ability to access Camfrog hosted and user hosted video chat rooms. Users have the ability to create their own rooms with different themes. User rooms have different rules than Camfrog hosted rooms but must still follow the Camfrog Terms of Service. Nevertheless, the popular tech site CNET says, "This is not a program that kids should use without supervision."[2]

Licenses Type
Free: User who not have any type of pro code to their account will have very limited features. This user will be able only view ONE video. The username will be display as black. They will not be able to view any multiples size.

Pro: User who purchases with the Camfrog Pro will be display as Green nickname with unlimited of videos. They will be also able to grant access to all features with the exception multiple rooms, change nickname, top cams list, and VIP Messages.

Extreme: This extreme feature where allow turn nickname to Purple with additional features such as able to join up to two rooms at the same times. User are able to change their nickname once every three months. They will be also able to view the top cams list and able to send up to FIVE VIP messages to anyone who are on the Privacy Mode.

Gold: The Gold is same similar as Extreme but the nickname will be turn to GOLD. The Gold user will be granted to access up to 5 rooms at the same times. They will be also able to send up to twenty-five VIP messages to anyone who are on the privacy mode.

File Sharing
Users may send files to each other via Camfrog with a max file size of 100 MB.

Snapshots are images or videos that can be sent from one user to another from their webcam

Camfrog features profile pages for users age 16 and over. Users 13-15 cannot create profile photos.

Camfrog Mobile
Camfrog is also available on iOS and Android. The Camfrog iPhone application allows Camfrog users to send messages, have one-on-one audio calls, and chat in chat rooms via text and on microphone.

Terms of Service
Camfrog has a set of rules that are enforced by Camfrog staff and user volunteers. Users are monitored in chat rooms by operators. Operators are often users who show interest in volunteering to monitor and enforce room rules. Operators must be 18 years of age.

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