Camilla (film)

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They went looking for adventure... and found themselves.
Directed by Deepa Mehta
Produced by Jonathan Barker
Written by Ali Jennings
Paul Quarrington
Starring Jessica Tandy
Bridget Fonda
Music by John Altman
Daniel Lanois
Cinematography Guy Dufaux
Edited by Barry Farrell
Distributed by Miramax Films
Release dates
  • November 25, 1994 (1994-11-25)
Running time
95 minutes
Country Canada
United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $8,500,000

Camilla is a 1994 film directed by Deepa Mehta and Jessica Tandy's penultimate movie appearance.

Critical reception[edit]

Several reviewers wrote that Tandy's performance was the best aspect of the film. Janet Maslin described Tandy was a "graceful presence" in the film, and said that "She moves enchantingly through an otherwise treacly film that wouldn't work without her."[1] Roger Ebert wrote that Tandy's final film roles "show an elderly woman of great dignity and strength, stubbornness and eventual warmth" and concluded that "What Camilla adds to the palate is humor and some naughtiness".[2] In a review in the San Francisco Chronicle, Peter Stack wrote that Tandy was a "bright, vital presence" in the film and said that "Tandy's eyes are so full of light and impish good humor, it's no wonder she almost sweeps away Fonda", concluding that "Tandy's performance is so enchanting, you forgive a lot".[3]


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