Camilla Grebe

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Camilla Grebe
Pressbild Camilla Grebe.tiff
Born (1968-03-20) March 20, 1968 (age 50)
Älvsjö, Sweden
Nationality Sweden
Genre crime fiction

Camilla Grebe (born 1968) is a Swedish writer.

She was born in Älvsjö and was educated at the Stockholm School of Economics. She was co-founder of the audiobook publishing firm Storyside and served as its CEO. With her sister Åsa Träff (de), she published a series of popular crime novels featuring psychologist Siri Bergman, two of which were nominated for Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year by the Swedish Crime Writers' Academy. She also co-authored a trilogy with Paul Leander-Engström (sv). In 2015, she published The Ice Beneath Her, her first novel as sole author; it was followed by Diary from My Disappearance in 2017, which won the Best Swedish Crime Novel Award. She lives in Stockholm.[1][2]

Selected works[1][2][edit]

  • Någon sorts frid with Åsa Träff (2009) translated as Some kind of peace (2012)
  • Bittrare än döden with Åsa Träff (2010) translated as More bitter than death (2013)
  • Innan du dog with Åsa Träff (2012) translated as Before You Died
  • Mannen utan hjärta with Åsa Träff (2013) translated as The Man Without a Heart
  • Dirigenten från Sankt Petersburg with Paul Leander-Engström (2013) translated as The Conductor from Saint Petersburg
  • Handlaren från Omsk with Paul Leander-Engström (2014) translated as The Merchant from Omsk
  • Eld och djupa vatten with Åsa Träff (2015) translated as Through Fire and Water
  • Den sovande spionen with Paul Leander-Engström (2016)


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