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Camilla Overbye Roos was born on January 19, 1969 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Born into a family of three generations of filmmakers, she spent most of her childhood at a film studio in Copenhagen. Always interested and observing, it soon became part of her life as well. Growing up she worked every job behind the camera as well as an actress - making her first appearance in a film at age 3. She has worked with such internationally renowned directors as Lars von Trier, David Lynch, Ridley Scott and James Cameron playing Helga in Titanic (1997).

At the age of 14, Camilla joined a travelling circus. She performed with them as a knife thrower for a year.[citation needed] In 1993 she was the first Dane on the cover of Life Magazine. In 2000 she started her own company, Kraka Productions, named after a Viking Myth - producing and directing documentaries for BBC, Arte, USA Network, TV2, etc. In 2003 Camilla won Best Actress at the NY Independent Film Festival for her starring role in Under the Influence.

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