Camilla the Chicken

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Muppets character
First appearance The Muppet Show
Performed by
Species Muppet chicken
Gender Female
Significant other(s) The Great Gonzo

For the mascot of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory mission, see Camilla Corona.

Camilla the Chicken is the female chicken that is Gonzo's love interest on The Muppet Show. This chicken with hay fever was performed by veteran Muppet performer, Jerry Nelson, and is seen frequently on The Muppet Show, but also makes appearances on the various full-length Muppet movies such as The Muppets Take Manhattan where she hyperventilates after attacking a villain and needs "mouth-to-beak resuscitation", and The Muppet Movie as Gonzo's plumber girl and is in back of the car the whole movie. She also appeared in TV specials such as A Muppet Family Christmas where she is seduced by the turkey who was invited to the family gathering by the Swedish Chef.

On Jim Henson's Muppet Babies, Camilla was Baby Gonzo's stuffed yellow chicken doll. She was voiced by Frank Welker, and subsequently Dave Coulier and Russi Taylor when she came to life in Gonzo's imagination.

Camilla appears as Gonzo's business partner in the 2011 film The Muppets, where she and her chicken companions also perform "Forget You" in the big Muppet reunion show.

In The Muppets' Wizard of Oz, Gonzo mentions that he and Camilla are engaged, but this is never elaborated.

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