Camillus Paul Maes

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Camillus Paul Maes
Bishop Camillus Paul Maes.jpg
Born (1846-03-13)March 13, 1846
Died May 11, 1915(1915-05-11) (aged 69)

Camillus Paul Maes was the third bishop of the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky, United States. Bishop Maes was responsible for building the current cathedral.

Early life and priesthood[edit]

Camillus Maes was born in Kortrijk, Belgium on March 13, 1846. While Maes was studying in a Belgian seminary, he decided to join the American mission work under way at the time. Maes was ordained a priest on December 19, 1868 in Belgium, and left for the Diocese of Detroit, arriving in May 1869. Father Maes served the diocese well, eventually rising to the position of chancellor of the diocese. During his time as a priest, Father Maes wrote a biography of Father Charles Nerinckx, one of the first Catholic missionaries in Kentucky and the founder of the Sisters of Loretto. Father Maes was named the third bishop of Covington by Pope Leo XIII on October 1, 1884, the first diocesan priest from Detroit to be named a bishop.

Bishop of Covington[edit]

Father Maes was consecrated bishop by Archbishop William Elder of Cincinnati on January 25, 1885. During Bishop Maes' time in Covington, he arranged for a new cathedral to be built down the street from the cathedral at the time, which was rapidly falling into decay. The bishop designed the cathedral to look exactly like Notre Dame de Paris. The cathedral would not be finished before Bishop Maes' death, and is still unfinished to this day. Bishop Maes brought much help to the missions serving the hills of eastern Kentucky, still in the diocese in that period. Maes was also responsible for starting a diocesan newspaper, now known as the Messenger. Bishop Maes served the diocese until his death on May 11, 1915, the longest-serving bishop to date.

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Episcopal succession[edit]

Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Augustus Toebbe
Bishop of Covington
Succeeded by
Ferdinand Brossart