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Camilo Arenivar (left) and rapper Deadlee (right) in 2007.

Camilo Arenivar (born June 2, 1967) is an ordained minister who officiates weddings[1] and a founding member of the Los Angeles-based POZ Power Coalition, part of The Wall-Las Memorias Project.[2] Additional work included creation of the now defunct LGBT Hip Hop website,[3] It is now become what Arenivar calls "a ditigal archive"[4][5] He was the organizer and tour manager for the HomoRevolution Tour,[6][7] the first ever organized road tour of LGBT hip hop artists which traveled to 10 cities in the southwestern United States. In 2009, he launched Big Milo Records, the first independent record label geared toward LGBT Hip Hop with distribution, the site is now defunct.[8][9]

Arenivar has managed gay rappers such as Deadlee and Latino hip hop group, Salvimex, Tori Fixx in the past.[10] Arenivar is passionate about his efforts, largely in part to integrate mainstream rap and hip hop into gay culture and vice versa, to show that there is a significant audience in the LGBT community and to prove that said mainstream genre is not limited to the so-called "haters" (typically homophobics).

Arenivar has also been a movie critic blogging on the popular and on his site.[11] He has also been a freelance journalist in the Los Angeles area for several years.[12]

Arenivar grew up in Pittsburg, California, United States.


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