Camilo Torres Tenorio

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Camilo Torres Tenorio
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President of the Congress, entrusted with the Federal Executive Power*
In office
October 4, 1812 – October 5, 1814
Preceded by Antonio Nariño
Succeeded by Triumvirate
José María del Castillo Rada,
José Fernández Madrid,
Joaquín Camacho
President of the United Provinces of the New Granada
In office
November 15, 1815 – March 14, 1816
Vice President Manuel Rodríguez Torices
Preceded by Triumvirate
Manuel Rodríguez Torices,
Antonio Villavicencio,
José Miguel Pey de Andrade
Succeeded by José Fernández Madrid
Personal details
Born November 22, 1766
Popayán, Cauca
Died October 5, 1816
Bogotá, Cundinamarca
Spouse(s) Francisca Prieto y Ricaurte
Alma mater Our Lady of the Rosary University
  • Leader of Congress acting in rebellion against Antonio Nariño’s Government.

Camilo Torres Tenorio (November 22, 1766 – October 5, 1816) was a Colombian politician. He is credited as being an early founder of the nation due to his role in early struggles for independence from Spain.[1]


Camilo Torres Tenorio

Torres and Antonio Nariño had grave political disagreements that divided the independence movement.

During the Spanish invasion of New Granada, Torres was captured in the city of Buenaventura, being imprisoned by royalist and Spanish troops. He was executed for treason against the Spanish monarchy on October 5, 1816.


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